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Specialty Laser Mirrors

Specialty Laser Mirrors are designed to provide solutions for laser applications that traditional mirrors cannot solve. Specialty Laser Mirrors range from mirrors designed to selectively transmit or reflect laser wavelengths to combining or separating beams to mirrors designed to provide the maximum possible reflection at the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV).

Edmund Optics offers a variety of off-the-shelf Specialty Laser Mirrors to meet the demands of a variety of applications. Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Flat Mirrors are offered for emerging extreme ultraviolet (EUV) applications, including high resolution EUV imaging, EUV spectroscopy, and nano-machining. Dichroic Laser Beam Combiners provide selective transmittance and reflectance of laser wavelengths, making them ideal for applications such as laser microscopy. Knife-Edge Pickoff Mirrors are available in metallic coatings and are coated up to their “knife-edge,” providing high reflectivity for separating two laser beams propagating close to each other in space. Gaussian Reflectivity Mirrors offer a reflectivity profile that decreases with radial displacement from the center of the mirror, allowing for stabilizing laser resonators.



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