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正メニスカスレンズ 32 X 41 X 847 Grade 1

商品コード #20-920 Clearance
数量 1-1
数量 2
焦点距離 EFL (mm):
寸法 (mm):
32.0 x 41.0
Meniscus Lens


RoHS 2011/65:


  • Ideal for Experimenting and Prototyping Applications
  • Quantities Extremely Limited, Buy While Supplies Last
  • For Even More Deals, Check out Mega Clearance: Optics

Experimental Quality Positive Meniscus Lenses are offered in several experimental grade options. Grade 1 is standard optical glass, edged, free of visible scratches, chips, stains, or oxidation. Grade 2 is unedged, non-optical glass, small chips, slight stains, or other defects. They may have slight edge cement separation.

Note: Specifications for experimental grade optics may vary as much as 10% from those listed. Also, no additional information is available other than what is provided.


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