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Optical Prisms Review

Optical Prisms are useful for folding a system's optical path or rotating images. Optical prisms are available in a variety of geometries, each producing a different optical result. Kristin Vogt, Product Marketing Manager, explains important concepts to remember when choosing a prism in this easy-to-follow product review video. For more information, read our Introduction to Optical Prisms and Optical Prism Application Examples application notes.


 光路を曲げたり、像の方向を調整する必要がありますか? 直角、アミチ、ペンタ、シュミット、ウエッジ、アナモルフィック、正三角形、ダブ、ロンボイド、ライトパイプ、コーナーキューブなど、当社の製品ラインナップをご確認ください。

Whether you need a prism for image displacement, laser beam steering, or dispersion, we have an optical component for you or we can make it for you. 




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