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Reflective Objectives and Beam Expanders

Reflective Objectives and Beam Expanders provide high performance without introducing chromatic aberration like transmissive objectives and beam expanders. Reflective Objectives are designed in two styles: infinity corrected and finite-conjugate. Infinity corrected objectives are ideal for laser focusing applications, while finite-conjugate styles are ideal for imaging applications. Reflective Beam Expanders provide beam expansion through the use of multiple mirrors, which have reflective coated surfaces, allowing for their use with ultrafast lasers. Due to the intrinsically low GDD of the metallic coating, and the reflective nature of the components, Reflective Objectives and Beam Expanders are ideal for expanding and focusing ultrafast laser pulses.

Edmund Optics designs and manufactures Reflective Objectives and Beam Expanders onsite. TECHSPEC® ReflX™ Objectives with finite or infinite conjugate styles can be used to focus broadband or multiple lasers to a single point. Our TECHSPEC® Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders (Mark I), patent pending, are available with multiple metallic coatings and feature an innovative, space-saving design, which ensures high precision with minimal wavefront distortion. Custom low GDD dielectric coatings are available for high-power ultrafast applications.



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