Edmund Optics® は当社ウェブサイトの技術サービス機能最適化のため、自社並びに第三者のクッキーを使用します。当社クッキーの取り扱いについて

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Company / Meet the Team


 当社は、技術サポートから購入、そして製品の品質に至るまで、ここエドモンド・オプティクス (EO) で顧客にベストな体験をしてもらいたいと考えています。知識の豊富な当社のエンジニアが、世界最大級の在庫販売光学部品の選定サポート、そしてプロジェクト要件に合わせた特注部品の設計を行います。当社の顧客サービススタッフは、どんな質問や懸念にもお答えできるよう努めます。EOの成功の裏にいるチームメンバーを紹介しましょう。

Shelby Ament
Research and Development Engineer

Daisuke Arai
Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing

Scott Bass
Senior Director, Marketing

Cory Boone
Technical Marketing Engineer

Nathan Carlie
R&D Manager

Jeremy Chang
Executive VP of Asian Operations

Johnson Chang
Sales Manager, Sales

Marisa Edmund
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert M. Edmund
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Gregg Fales
Senior Product Line Managaer

Olivia Fehlberg
Product Support Engineer

Jeremy Govier
Principal Engineer, Engineering (Design)

Anna Hetzelt
Technical Sales, Sales & Engineering

Randall Hinton
Senior Solution Engineer

Gregory Hollows
Vice President, Imaging Business Unit

Agnes Huebscher
European Marketing Director

Nicholas James
Global Production Planning and Capacity Management Manager

Tony Karam
Laser Optics Product Line Manager

Matthias Knobl
Technical Sales, Sales & Engineering

Andrew Lynch
Director of Sales for the Americas

Lucy Lyons
Manager Customer Service, Sales (Customer Support)

Natalie Lyons
Trade Show Manager

Patrick McKenna
Optical Engineer, Engineering (Project Mgmt)

Jeffrey Morris
Product Support Engineer II

Joonho Rhee
Sales Manager, Sales

Samuel Sadoulet
President and Chief Operating Officer

Katie Schwertz
Senior Design Engineer, Engineering (Design)

Kasia Sieluzycka
Solution Engineer, Sales (OEM)

Olly Simmons
European PLM/EU Compliance, Sales & Engineering

Scott Sparrold
Principal Engineer

Matthew Stairiker
Senior Manufacturing Development Engineer, Fabrication Cell

Ashley Sweeney
OEM Sales Manager, Sales (OEM)

Stefaan Vandendriessche
Laser Optics Product Line Manager

Greg Wolf
Product Support Manager


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