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6/1/17   |   See All Webinars
Imaging Lenses

Greg Hollows, Vice President of the Imaging Business Unit for Edmund Optics, discusses the three different types of ruggedization for imaging lenses and how they can maintain the optical performance of your imaging lens.

Have you ever had vibrations, shocks, or air contaminants tamper with the performance of your imaging system?

Join us for a complimentary 30 minute webinar presented by imaging expert Greg Hollows to learn about the three different types of ruggedization for imaging lenses and how they can maintain the optimal performance of your imaging lens in almost every situation.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will have a strong understanding around:

  • How ruggedization can prevent the focus and aperture settings of lenses from being changed and maintain optical pointing stability during shock and vibration, and inhibit environmental contaminants from entering your lens
  • When to use ruggedized lenses instead of standard imaging lenses
  • The features and advantages of the three distinct types of ruggedization available: Industrial, Ingress Protection, and Stability
Greg Hollows | VP, Imaging Business Unit, Current A3 Board Member

Greg Hollows is the Vice President of the Imaging Business Unit in Edmund Optics’ Barrington, NJ, USA office. He is responsible for everything pertaining to vision and imaging for EO, including the business plan, strategy, and product marketing. He is also responsible for the overall growth in imaging optics sales. He currently serves as a board member on the A3 (the Association for Advancing Automation) and was a past Chairman of the AIA. He received Bachelor degrees in Physics and Chemistry from Rutgers University located in New Brunswick, NJ.

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