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2012 Zombie Holiday

Happy Holidays from EO! Friends, is this not what the holidays are all about? Watching EO employees battle their way out of the zombie apocalypse? Witness the introduction of the TECHSPEC FB2012 Elite Optical Cage System Crossbow, designed specifically to be the finest in zombie survival gear.


Pat: Patrick McKenna
Nick: Nicholas Sischka
Danella: Danella Shallow
Zombie Santa: Robert Williams

Bell Choir and Zombies: Monica Rainey
Justin Baliff
Ra'ef Mikhail
Derek Hunter
Evan Taylor
Arti Chhabria
Randall Hinton
Michael Wellborn
Paul Alkema
Stephan Briggs
Gretchen Morris
Lisa Tsang
Matt Balkonis
Ryan Reyes
Mike Deal
Ashley Baxter-Baines


Director: Jacob Voigt
Assistant Director: Joe Skodzinski
Producer: Todd Sierer
Audio Engineer: Andy Rule
Word Smith: Geoffrey Forman


Join our Imaging Team as they play "Carol of the Bells" with our favorite telecentric lenses.




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